O Richshaw is Operated by End Mile Connectivity Federation which is a not for profit company owned by Pune's Rickshaw Association.

Reimagine Your City Ride

We're not just a ride-hailing app. We're a movement reimagining urban mobility. At O RICKSHAW, we believe everyone deserves a safe, affordable, and empowering way to get around. That's why we connect Passengers with local drivers, prioritize driver well-being, and embrace open technology for a fairer, more sustainable future. Forget middlemen and hidden fees. O RICKSHAW is built on the Open Network Digital Commerce (ONDC) principles, empowering both Passengers and Drivers.

No Middlemen!

O RICKSHAW cuts out the intermediaries and connects commuters directly with auto-rickshaw drivers through an open network app. No more juggling different apps – your one-stop shop for Pune's on-demand mobility is here.

The Future Mobility!

Imagine a city where you hail any ride from one app, no more switching or juggling! That's Open Mobility – a free-flowing network connecting you directly to providers. Open Mobility puts you in the driver's seat of your journey – welcome to the future of getting around!

  • Think freedom: Seamless journeys across any mode, comparing prices and options in real-time.
  • Transparency: No hidden fees.
  • Empowerment: You choose not the algorithms.

The Future is Open

As ONDC gains traction, the ride-hailing landscape will undergo a paradigm shift. Passengers will enjoy a more democratic, transparent, and competitive experience, while drivers will benefit from increased earnings, autonomy, and a fairer marketplace.

  • Enhanced Choice and Competition: ONDC breaks the dominance of existing platforms, introducing a plethora of service providers. Passengers can compare fares, features, and vehicle categories across a diverse network, ensuring optimal value for their needs.
  • Transparency and Fair Pricing: Open protocols dictate pricing, eliminating surge pricing manipulations and opaque fee structures. Passengers gain clarity and predictability, enabling informed decision-making.
  • Greater Earnings and Reduced Dependence: By bypassing intermediary platforms with hefty commissions, drivers directly retain a larger share of the fare.

Our Core Values

O RICKSHAW's core values can be summed up in three pillars, all focusing on creating a fairer and more sustainable urban mobility experience:

  • Driver Empowerment: We believe in putting drivers first. Zero commissions, open platforms, and fair fares ensure their economic well-being and control over their work.
  • Community Spirit: It's not just a platform; it's a community. Building trust and collaboration between drivers and passengers creates a more positive and supportive environment.
  • Tech for Good: We harness technology for better mobility. Openness, transparency, and responsible innovation pave the way for a sustainable and accessible future for everyone.