Hire an Auto Rickshaw with No Commission Charges

Customers Pay According to the Government Approved Fare

Auto Drivers Receive Full Payment

No Middleman Commission!

As a customer, you enjoy reduced costs, while drivers earn higher income!

O RICKSHAW is an app that connects you directly with drivers. Auto drivers get 100% of what you pay, supporting them and their families.

Rapid, Hassle-Free, and Safe Auto Rides

Lightning-fast app for easy ride booking. Trustworthy drivers pick you up at your doorstep for a safe journey.

Built on the "People First" Principle

User-friendly app with no Unfair pricing. Win-win for both Drivers and Passengers.

Based on the ONDC Protocols

Aligns with the Indian Government's vision of an open, inclusive, and equitable digital commerce ecosystem.

How does the O RICKSHAW App work?

Book your Ride:  Choose a Ride and Driver, trustworthy drivers pick you up at your door for a safe journey.
Ride:  Travel with confidence to your chosen destination.
Payment: The auto driver receives the 100% fare.

Receive Request:  Get instant requests from riders on the app.
Accept the Request:  Pick up the rider[s] from his/their location.
Ride and Drop-Off:  Drop the rider[s] at their destination.


O RICKSHAW operates on a "Direct-to-Driver" model, meaning no commission is taken from the trip fare. This translates to potentially lower fares for Passengers than aggregators with commission structures. You pay closer to what the driver earns, making fares more transparent and fair.

Frequently Asked Questions

O RICKSHAW offers a lasting solution to meet Pune city’s transportation needs. Through groundbreaking technology and innovative marketing, we aim to cut down on overall expenses, passing on the advantages to both customers and drivers.

O RICKSHAW’s ability to offer lower fares compared to other ride-hailing apps stems from a few key factors:

  1. Direct-to-driver model: Unlike traditional aggregators who take a commission cut from each ride, O RICKSHAW operates on a “direct-to-driver” model. This means the fare amount paid by the passenger goes directly to the driver, eliminating the middleman fees that contribute to higher fares in other apps.
  2. Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC): ORICKSHAW is backed by ONDC, which promotes open standards and fair competition in e-commerce. This open framework reduces platform-specific costs and encourages competitive pricing among service providers, leading to lower fares for consumers.
  3. Focus on auto rickshaws: Currently, we primarily focuses on auto rickshaws, which are inherently more fuel-efficient and have lower operational costs compared to cars used by mainstream ride-hailing apps. This translates to lower fares for passengers.
  4. Reduced overhead costs: ORICKSHAW operates with a leaner structure compared to some established ride-hailing companies. By minimizing marketing and promotional expenses, they can keep operating costs down and reflect the savings in lower fares.

Beckn Protocol: This open-source protocol forms the backbone of O RICKSHAW’s network, enabling interoperability between buyer and seller apps based on common network standards.

Open Network for Digital Commerce (ONDC): O RICKSHAW leverages ONDC principles of open standards and fair competition. This promotes transparency and eliminates vendor lock-in, benefiting both users and drivers.

The O RICKSHAW team has a clear plan for adding new features to the auto-rickshaw ride-hailing app. We encourage people from the community, including both drivers and regular citizens, to share their thoughts regularly. It helps us decide the features to focus on first.

No. O RICKSHAW is not associated with any particular union and serves all drivers, regardless of their affiliations.

Under the existing pricing framework, O RICKSHAW offers lower rates compared to other apps for longer distances. However, for shorter distances, there might be a slight increase in pricing due to pickup charges.

Given our core principles, we consistently guarantee pricing that is fair to customers and aligns with the efforts of the driver.